Review: Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8

High picture quality across all of the apertures

During the test, I wanted to focus on the functionality of the lens in different situations, in order to get an idea of the lens as a tool. I didn’t shoot any clinical studio test shots, just a bunch of pictures with different apertures across the zoom range.

These photos do not meet any scientific or artistic standard, but they confirm my perception of the quality of the lens. With the Panasonic Lumix GX Vario 12-35 mm lens, you don’t have to worry too much about the aperture setting. Quality differences between different apertures are hard to see, although corners do show some softness at full aperture. The difference, however, is so small that I think it is not practically of any importance. Also, vignetting and chromatic aberrations remain well under control at all apertures.

Optical distortions occur to some extent, as would be expected of such a zoom lens. In practical shooting situations I noticed that in the wide-angle end there is some barrel distortion, and some pincushion distortion in the telephoto end. Wide-angle barrel distortion is a little easier to spot, and may be distracting in photographs with a lot of straight lines. In practice, however, these situations were rare.

The following pictures provide an idea regarding how the optics perform with different apertures. Images are treated neutrally from the original raw files in Adobe Lightroom (just a small amount of Detail Sharpening with values of 25-1.0-25-0) without any sharpening in the export stage. Afterwards, they have been opened in OS X’s preview windows side by side, zoomed 1:1 with a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and captured as PNG images. Click to open larger images.

1:1 rajaus @12mm, kuvan oikea reuna
1:1 crop @12mm, right edge of the frame (selected because corner was on different focus zone)
1:1 rajaus @12mm, kuvan keskusta
1:1 crop @12mm, center of the frame
1:1 rajaus @35mm, kuvan keskusta
1:1 crop @35mm, center of the frame
1:1 rajaus @ 35mm, kuvan oikea alanurkka
1:1 crop @ 35mm, lower right corner of the frame

Below you can see both pictures with full aperture of  f/2.8 for comparison. Click to open larger images.

Lumix G Vario 12-35 @12mm f/2.8
Lumix G X Vario 12-35 @12mm f/2.8
Lumix G Vario 12-35 @35mm f/2.8
Lumix G X Vario 12-35 @35mm f/2.8

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6 Comments on “Review: Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8

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  2. Wonderful review – and nice site!

    However:The traditional focal length /shutter speed safe rule is at least twice that of the focal length, I believe. Therefore, at 70mm, the traditional rule would call for 1/250, giving a four stop improvement at 1/15. Four stops is pretty good, I would say.


    • Hello Christian, thanks for your kind words 🙂
      I guess the rule depends on the source. I have always seen the rule referred to as shutter speed vs. focal length in Full Frame. Focal length has to be doubled on m43 to get proper shutter speed, of course..

  3. Finally came across your site again 😉 I meant to correct my previous statement, as I realized I made a mistake in claiming the old rule calls for double the focal length. (I’ve heard that also, but the common rule is at least as fast as the focal length).

    Still, that means that shooting at 70mm, according to the classic rule you would have to shoot at 1/120, not 1/60 as you state in your review. Therefore the improvement is 3 (86% keepers) to 4 stops (37% keepers), depending on what keeper rate you would consider acceptable, no?

    Anyway, great site, I will definitely check back for updates 🙂

    • Or 1/80 for that matter 😉

      But I guess you are right about that one I guess.. The keeper rate also really boils down to your preferences on the matter…

      Anyway, thanks for visiting again 🙂

  4. Päivitysilmoitus: Testissä: Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 «


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